Learn Chinese, come to Mandarin Go! Enjoy cross cultrural communication

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Learn Chinese, come to Mandarin Go! Enjoy cross cultrural communication

At Mandarin Go Chinese School,we continue to improve our teaching work. Advanced teaching methods are our characteristics, which makes our teaching activities more and more interesting. Since the establishment of the school in 2021, with the task of promoting multilingual and cultural exchanges and taking high-quality teaching and services as the guidelines, we have formulated a road map of an overall vision and are committed to "building bridges for Chinese and foreign language exchanges and cooperation, and world multicultural mutual learning". All our services include: sincerely talking to you with course consultants to have an in-depth understanding of your learning needs and personal cognitive characteristics, so as to help you design Chinese courses, select suitable textbooks, select suitable teachers, handle the admission process, supervise the learning process, evaluate learning effects, and improve learning methods.

We are committed to the development of the Chinese as a foreign language industry and cross-cultural communication. That's why we work with universities, multinational companies, governments and other companies to drive real changes in the industry.

Teaching Features

Task teaching method: Set specific teaching tasks in each class, with a clear theme and good effect.

Communication teaching method: Let you gain enough communication skills to acquire Chinese knowledge and communication skills through listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Immersive teaching method: Teaching in Chinese, teachers and students try not to use languages other than Chinese. We advocate using picture method, action method, video method, and simple Chinese to explain complex Chinese, rather than translation method, so that you can be immersed in a pure Chinese environment to the greatest extent.

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