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Mandarin Go | What is HSK?


The HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi), a Chinese language test designed under the authority of China's Ministry of Education in 1982 is the only objective measure of the level of Chinese internationally, it is increasingly recognized around the world and now has a well-established value. In recent years, the number of candidates taking the HSK in China and around the world has doubled!

Mandarin Go School can help you to succeed to validate a level of HSK according to your level, from HSK1 to HSK9 …

This test aims to become, like the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) from which it is inspired, the international reference standard for the assessment of the level of Chinese language (no questions of civilization). In particular, it can allow students to be admitted directly to a Chinese university.

Note that 3 other tests exist:

·The HSKK (HSK Speaking Test) to assess the oral expression of candidates.

· The BCT (Business Chinese Test) to assess business Chinese skills.

· The YCT (Youth Chinese Test) for young people under the age of 15.

Unlike many language exams such as the TOEFL or TOEIC, you do not "pass the HSK", but you "validate a level of HSK" chosen in advance according to your language skills and ambitions.


To pass your HSK, you "just need" to get the following scores:

· 120/200 to obtain your certificate for HSK 1 and 2.

· 180/300 to get your certificate for HSK 3 to 6.

Since 2022, the HSK is in 9 levels:

· Level 1: Understand and know how to use very simple words and phrases, to meet specific communication needs; possess the ability to learn more. (Expected skill: 150 characters)

· Level 2: Able to communicate in situation and simply about familiar or everyday topics. Good command of elementary Chinese. (Expected skill: 300 characters)

· Level 3: Able to carry out communications in everyday life, studies and the professional environment. To be able to manage in the tourist trip. (Expected skill: 600 characters)

· Level 4: Able to discuss commonly about topics from various fields. (Expected skill: 1200 characters)

· Level 5: Read the press fluently, follow a movie or TV show, give a structured speech. (Expected skill: 2500 characters)

· Level 6Easily understand the information heard or read, express yourself easily orally or in writing. (Expected skill: > 5000 characters)

· Level 7-9: Using the form of "one paper three level", that is, through one paper, one test result to determine the Chinese level of the examinee.  The examination mainly tests learners' Chinese communicative competence, covering the five skills of "listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation" as defined in the "Grading Standards", and strengthens the examination of Chinese culture.  

Put all the chances of success on your side with the methods of Mandarin Go School, to work the HSK at your own pace and pass the test in the best possible conditions. 

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