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Mandarin Go | We give you a trick to memorize Chinese characters easily


Do I need to know all Chinese characters?

No! You don't need to know them all by heart. You can learn the characters little by little by dividing them by group, helps better in the understanding of Chinese.

Learn 10 first, then 50, then 100... 1000...  After learning 1000 characters you will be able to speak Chinese in a fairly common way.

Get to 3000 and you're there, that's usually the number of characters students need to read most things. |

Chinese characters are made of one, two or more radicals, which are also called keys. 

Each character has one of the 5 tones in Chinese, and can sometimes be pronounced in a different tone depending on the context, or the characters that surround it. 

They may even have a completely different pronunciation depending on their meaning, for example 行 can be said 'xíng = go, OK' or 'háng = 银行 yínháng, bank'.

But don't panic! The more you learn, the easier it becomes – we promise you! 

You will begin to notice a certain pattern in the characters, recognize those that appear most often to form words together, and then you can recognize some radicals that will help you decipher the meaning or pronunciation of a character. 

To get started, here is a top20 list of the most used Chinese characters : 




grammatical particle of possession

#2yī one
#3shì To be
#4bù do not, negation
#5lethe verbal particle marking the past, a completed action, a change of condition
#6renone person
#7wǒ I, me
#8zài to, be located at
#9yǒu have, there is
#10tā he, he
#11zhè this
#12zhōng middle
#13dà big
#14lái come
#15shàng above, on, previous
#16guó country

gè general classifier
#18dào to, until, arrive
#19shuō talk, say
#20men plural mark attached to personal pronouns

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