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Useful Chinese Internet Slang


The Chinese-speaking internet is rapidly changing and growing. Today in 202
2, nearly more than 1 billion people are online in China, buzzing in the cybersphere. China is the world’s largest social media market.Like their English-speakingcounterparts, Chinese-speaking internet users have developed their own subcultures and slang as they react to viral videos, spread hysterical memes, and find faster—and often goofier—ways of expressing themselves via keyboards.Like English internet slang, Chinese internet slang transforms the Chinese language in unexpected and highly nuanced ways.

In addition to using Chinese characters, Chinese internet slang even incorporates Arabic numerals and the Latin alphabet. When you see“886” (Chinese meaning: “bye”) or “666” (Chinese meaning: “awesome”), you’re seeing faster ways of typing approximations of what Chinese phrases sound like. Abbreviations in the Latin alphabet like “awsl“(Chinese meaning: “that’s so cute!”) and “xswl” (Chinese meaning: “lmao”) are also faster ways of typing by using the first letters of the pinyin that underpins the phrases. The meanings of these phrases aren’t easy to guess if you’re not a native speaker. Who said learning Chinese has to be only classic, at Mandarin Go we want you to be familiar with ALL aspects of the rich language which is Chinese… Check it out!

Below is a list of Chinese internet slang to give you a taste of what it can be like :


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