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Mandarin Go | Our advice for learning Chinese

You want to learn Chinese? Our advice if you are a beginner


 Start with the basics: how a character is composed, what are the radicals (the keys, there are 214),  how to build a sentence...

Don't learn ONLY pinyin, it won't help you. Pinyin (the phonetic transcription) is only useful to know how a character is pronounced. You have to learn the characters from the beginning.Speaking of characters, don't underestimate the stroke order! It is very important to write correctly.

Work on pronunciation, and especially, tones. Learn to pay attention to tones, and get familiar with them (something I didn't do from the beginning and regretted a lot later on)

Avoid spreading yourself too thin: no need to buy 3 tons of books and download 1000 applications. Test the tools that interest you, choose the one(s) that suit you best, and stick with that. It's better to do one thing thoroughly, than ten half-heartedly.

Set yourself concrete and, above all, achievable goals.
 The idea is not to be disgusted with Chinese from the beginning.

Go at your own pace, and keep in mind that you will not become bilingual in 6 months!

Don't forget that a language is used to communicate, you have to practice! Don't be afraid to speak Chinese, to make mistakes or to not always be understood!

It's easy to get discouraged when learning Chinese, especially when you see a succession of characters whose pronunciation or meaning you have no idea. It is a very rich language, and learning Chinese is a never-ending project. No matter how far you go, there will always be things to discover.

Finally, Chinese language is a fascinating and very interesting language, you can take a lot of pleasure to study it, and without any headache.

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