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Mandarin Go| "Lao Tzu( Lǎo zǐ)Reading Camp Will open on the 27th of April

 Lao Tzu is China's most famous philosopher and teacher of Confucius. His book Lao Tzu, also called Tao Te Ching(dào dé jīng)represents the most important philosophical thought in China and is one of the most widely published books in the world, with a total of 81 chapters. He proposed that Taoism follows nature, rule by inaction, dialectics and other philosophical thoughts have deeply influenced the Chinese people. It has also made important contributions to the development of world thought. MandarinGo Lao Tzu Reading Camp lasts 81 days, tuition fee is 81 RMB, one chapter per day, one RMB per day. Send Chinese and English text and video explanations every day, you can learn at any time. After completing the daily check-in task, 81 RMB of tuition fee can be refunded. For the top three students with good performance, a red envelope of 50 RMB will be awarded. In addition, all students were issued with certificates of completion of Lao Tzu's reading training camp. Read together, exchange knowledges with members, gain a deep understanding of Lao Tzu's philosophical thoughts, and strengthen cross-cultural communication and learning. Let's do our best together!





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